Donate to help the Haitian People

More than ever we stand by our Haitian partner communities as they live through unprecedented gang violence and oppression. These are the men, women, and children we work with daily in the rural region of Lake Azuei and who guide us in prioritizing what is most important to them at this crucial moment.

These are their priorities:
  1. To educate and feed their children at the Patrice Lumumba School of Ganthier. Given the galloping inflation, today one meal costs $1.00
    We provide 300 meals daily.
  2. To continue supporting the women-small-merchants’ rollover funds: one fund in each of the two joint cooperatives, and one fund in the fishing community hit by the last earthquake in the Nippes. First, the women raise funds from within their group, and then we match them in tranches of $500.00
  3. Protect farmland and farmers’ lives by building trenches to mitigate destructive seasonal floods. In phase one, we need to build 50 trenches; one trench costs $350.00
  4. Reopen the health clinic in the isolated mountain region of our first agricultural cooperative. The monthly cost of needed medication is $150.00
Your donation is vital in helping these families survive in these extremely difficult times.
Together, we deeply appreciate your generosity.
We know that the international community will respond to alleviate this crisis, but it cannot solve hunger permanently – Haitian farmers can!   This is why we support and invest in Haiti’s smallholder farmers and artisanal fishermen so they produce enough food to feed the country.  We know they can because we work with them every day. Your donation is urgently needed to help organize these food producers into strong agricultural cooperatives that they own and which become a legacy they can bequeath to their children and grandchildren. We also deliver training in sustainable farming methods, install rainwater collecting systems, support education, provide school lunches, and help rural small merchant women access funds to grow their businesses.
Haiti has achieved great successes in the past, it can do so again!
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